Install GUI in Fedora 18 (Gnome or Cinnamon)

Fedora users now have the option of using Cinnamon, an advanced desktop environment based on GNOME3. Cinnamon takes advantage of advanced features provided by the GNOME backend while providing users with a more traditional, accessible desktop experience. Install Cinnamon with the command:

 yum groupinstall "Cinnamon Desktop"

Customize Landing Pages using GeoTargeting

Using geo targeting is a simple way to increase the conversion rates of our landing pages.Customizing landing pages we can increase the trust factor that visitors will have with your site. Geo targeting is basically a way to display different content on your page depending on the specific geographical location of a visitor. This is basically done by looking at the visitors IP address.While it is not 100% accurate, it usually does a good enough job to be effective.With geo targeting, you can hide the offer from visitors of irrelevance countries and and try to monetize these visitors some other way.
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How to Fix Temporary Profile in Windows 7

Windows 7 OS may not read your correct user profile properly, instead, load with temporary profile which will look completely different. If you are not aware of temp profile or missed to see the pop-up message at bottom right side of the screen, then really you will be surprised to see completely different and new desktop without your files,folders,shortcuts icons and any customized settings.
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Password protection and WordPress permalinks issue. How to fix it?

When you want to password protect a subfolder of your account, if there is a WordPress application installed in the public_html folder, the rewrite rules of the WordPress application will most likely negate the password protection.

To have the folder properly protected, you need to edit the .htaccess file in your public_html folder and change the bold line below:
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