Ukrainian Hacker Story

The piracy prevention department at software maker Autodesk Inc. spends a lot of time on auction Web sites, looking for illegal sales of its products. One day two years ago, it began to notice that a vendor was offering an Autodesk $3,500 design program for $200 — over and over again.

Autodesk sounded the alarm, setting off an international investigation that led to the arrest of 26-year-old Ukrainian Maksym Kovalchuk, reputed to be one of the ring leaders of a worldwide software piracy and computer crime organization.
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The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance

The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance is a major initiative between our companies to create a competitive choice in search for advertisers and consumers. The combined scale will assist both companies in speeding the pace of innovation to improve the search user experience, as well as help advertisers get better results and help improve monetization for partners.
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Google Docs vs Microsoft Web Apps

I spend an entire day playing around both Google Docs and Microsoft Web Apps. Even though I am using Google Docs for the past one year, I believe Microsoft Web Apps will be a serious challenge to Google in 2010 but will users migrate? Will I migrate? Now that’s a tough question.

Below I have discussed what advantages Google Docs has over MS Web Apps and vice versa.

Advantage of Google Docs
Due to Google Doc’s openness to support all Microsoft Document, Spreadsheet, and PowerPoint formats along with OpenOffice formats and PDF format, converting one format into another and working across multiple environments become much more easier. It also supports HTML, Txt, and Rtf formats.
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