Difference between LAN and WAN

The difference between lan and wan has been cleared in the following post.

LAN (Local Area Network) is a computer network covering a small geographic area, like a home and office. LANs have a high data transfer rate .One LAN can be connected to other LANs over any distance via telephone lines.Because it covers a relatively small geographical area, LAN is easier to maintain at relatively low costs. Continue reading…

Difference between an iPad 2 and iPad 3

  • Check the screen. if you can see pixels, its an iPad 2. Also, when you pull up a keyboard on the iPad, if there is a little button on the bottom row that looks like a microphone, then it is the New iPad
    (iPad 3).
  • There is a microphone icon located at the bottom of the keyboard screen. This is ONLY true IF you have turned on dictation from the general settings section under keyboard. If it is turned on, you will see a microphone key on the bottom left of the keyboard next to the space bar.
  • iPad 3 offers 4G, while the iPad 2 has only 3G.

Difference Between Arabs and Jews

Arabs and Jews are two people that descended from the Semitic people. The Semitic people are a collection of people that mostly lived in the Middle East and North Africa. Many ancient and modern people are part of this collective group.

As terms, “Arab” and “Jew” are often used as descriptions in any connection to each of these respective people and cultures.
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Difference Between MAPI and SMTP


When it comes to protocols to use with regards to email handling, there are a number available out there. Two of these protocols are SMTP and MAPI. The main difference between SMTP and MAPI is with what aspect of emails you can use them with. MAPI can be used for both sending and receiving emails as it has access to folders like the inbox and outbox. In contrast, SMTP is used exclusively for sending emails. In order to receive emails, you also need to use another protocol like POP or IMAP.
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Difference Between White Gold and Yellow Gold

White Gold vs Yellow Gold

Here are some things to consider when choosing the kind of gold that would suit you. Consider asking yourself questions like: What do I wear most of the time? Think about the color of your wardrobe that is predominant in your closet. Ask yourself if your skin reacts to metals. What are these metals that make your skin itch? Am I amenable to re-plating my jewelry every year that passes by just to make them look like new? The answers to your questions are here and you must read on.
Gold comes in different karats and color forms. The most frequently used colors of gold are white and yellow gold. We can count on several differences between these types including their advantages and disadvantages. As these two kinds of gold are in question, let us “weigh” them ourselves.
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Difference Between WPF and ASP.NET

WPF, or Windows Presentation Foundation, is an application used for creating GUI interface for the Windows operating system. It is a one-stop shop for your images, documents, movies, media with their creation, display, and manipulation. It has the capability to manage Windows applications including actions like running, executing, and building them as well. It has been able to clearly define the boundaries between the user interface and the business perspective surrounding it. WPF has been able to manipulate the use of DirectX that has been embedded in its lowest level of architecture to come up with functionalities like animations, 2D and 3D drawings, different audio and video features, fixed and adaptive documents, data binding, and other graphic capabilities. It is based on .NET 3.0 and uses XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) capabilities by introducing the use of combo-boxes, buttons, etc. as part of the designer.

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Difference Between Black American and African American

‘Black American’ and ‘African American’ are generally terms used for referring to Americans with an African ancestry. However, there is often confusion as to which term should be used and which term may be distressing to people of color.

The term ‘African American’ or ‘Afro American’ is more popular nowadays than the term ‘Black American’. The term ‘Black American’ came into existence during the 1960s and ’70s, at the time of the Civil Rights Movement. It was the Black Movement that insisted on the use of black instead of negro. The term ‘African American’ or ‘Afro American’ became popular during the 1980s.
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