Difference Between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette

People like to smell good. What classes as good varies from person to person, but in general spices, fruits, and flowers are preferable to the standard human body odor created by a mixture of sweat and dirt on our skin. Because of this, people have gone to great lengths throughout the ages to eliminate bad smells from their body. One popular method is applying perfume. Making perfume is an exacting science, and over the years perfumers have developed many different varieties. Two different varieties of perfume are eau de parfum and eau de toilette.
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Difference Between Plasma and LCD

It is hard to tell the difference when you look at a flat and thin television, whether it is a Plasma television or LCD. But the underlying technology makes all the difference between them.

In Plasma television two panels of glass contains tiny cells which are filled with noble gas, which is turned into Plasma electrically and excite red, green and blue phosphors to emit different color light. LCD television, on the other hand, constitute of two transparent layers, one of which is made up of tiny pixels filled with liquid crystals. When energized liquid crystals block certain kind of color from showing and thus create the image. There is a back light in LCD which makes the image visible to the user.
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Difference Between Cold and Flu

Both the flu and the common cold are respiratory illnesses but caused by different pathogens. These two types of illnesses have symptoms that are similar to flu. Therefore it is difficult to differentiate between them just by looking at the symptoms alone.

The flu illness is worse than the common cold with the symptoms such as fever, body aches, extreme tiredness, headache, congestion and cough.

The common cold is milder than the flu with the symptoms of sore throat, runny or stuffy nose. Fever is uncommon in adults, but children can develop fever with cold. With the cold, patients do not get serious health issues such as pneumonia, bacterial infections, or hospitalizations.

Most of the times, the common cold symptoms can make people feel sick for a few days, but flu symptoms can make people quite ill for a few days to weeks. The flu can also result in serious health problems including pneumonia and hospitalizations.
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Difference Between ADSL and SDSL

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) and SDSL (Symmetric Subscriber Digital Subscriber Line) are the two major groups when it comes to broadband internet connections. The most major difference between these two groups is in how much bandwidth they allocate to the user. Since SDSL is symmetric. It offers equal download and upload speeds to the user while, although the download speed is also very high for ADSL, the upload speed can be significantly slower. Some people, especially those who upload videos or other content, may prefer the high upload bandwidth of SDSL, but for most people, ADSL provides sufficient upload speed since we download much more information than we upload while browsing the internet, watching videos, and downloading files.
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Difference Between CAT6 and CAT6A

CAT6a is the newest type of Ethernet cabling that you can install for your network. It is an improved version of the CAT6 cabling and offers better performance. Cabling is a little bit more complicated as their capacities are also a function of the length that is used. CAT6 cables are rated at 1Gbps while CAT6a cables can achieve up to 10Gbps.It is able to achieve this because it operates at 500Mhz; twice that of the 250Mhz operation of the CAT6 cables. CAT6 cables may be able to achieve 10Gbps but only in when short lengths of cable are used.
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