Microsoft Releases Panoramic Photo App

t’s already well known that Microsoft is giving a go at the world of smartphone development. The Windows Phone 7, the lofty ambitions of becoming the third most popular phone operating system, and a strong selection of smartphone and tablet applications (most notably the Bing apps) present a decently strong face for the company. It seems, though, that Microsoft is branching out. Their most recent development is a photo application that allows users to create three-dimensional panoramas on their iPhone.
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Google: Just 10 Per Cent Please!

Just when its rival Apple has been receiving harsh criticism for demanding a hefty 30 per cent commission from content producers offering payable content, Google has pushed a thorn into its side. Google recently announced that it will ask for the comparatively small amount of just 10 per cent for content sold via its One Pass system.

One Pass will be launched first in the UK, France, Canada, Germany, Spain and Italy and will be compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones. Publishers will have the freedom to customise how and when to charge a fee for their content.

Google’s Blogspot: Banned!

Approximately 600,000 Blogspot users in Turkey have been left high and dry because their country has imposed a ban on this popular site. This is primarily because Turkish Super League football matches have been streamed and shown on the site for free and this is just not acceptable to some companies, especially Digiturk, a satellite TV company.

It has filed a copyright violation complaint in the Turkish courts saying that the matches that it broadcasts have been appearing on the site. As a result, Google’s Blogger/Blogspot has been blocked in its entirety.

Twitter Founder under Fire

The founder of Twitter, Biz Stone has been criticised for being too money-oriented. A number of developers blame him for insisting that they do not make any more Twitter apps that allow users to access information from the micro-blogging site.

However, he defended himself and told BBC News that he was merely trying to improve the user experience and that he did not have a problem if developers were replicating the interface. But critics insist that Twitter wants users to see and respond to ads that are placed on its site.

Microsoft unveils redesigned

Microsoft has just taken the wrapping paper off of one of its newest websites, The new site was launched today at 10AM PST and is a new effort to help those who use the software and systems.

The new website is supposed to help optimize the experience of looking for resources. It has been given greater visibility to search engines, 4x as much content as before and site now offers something for all Windows Embedded groups.

The 10 greatest moments of Microsoft-Apple collaboration

The 10 greatest moments of Microsoft-Apple collaboration
For over two decades Microsoft and Apple have had the technology industry’s most high-profile (and occasionally the most rancorous) rivalry. But today, I doubt that either of them considers the other to be its chief rival.

If you could sequester either Apple CEO Steve Jobs or Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in their office and close the door and ask (off the record) for the name of their top rival, I suspect both of them would give you the same answer: Google.

For that reason alone, you’d think Microsoft and Apple would be more likely than ever to collaborate (and that’s certainly a possibility). However, it’s also easy to forget that the two companies have a long history of working together and developing products for each others’ platforms. They are traditional frenemies.

The fact that Microsoft released Office for Mac 2011 this week (more on that in a second) is only the latest example of times when the two have been on the same page. These are still the exception rather than the rule, but we’ve come up with a list of the 10 best collaborative moments between the two companies.

You can view this as a slideshow, or below in list form.
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How to Convert Ordinary YouTube Videos to 3D Videos

So, maybe you have heard of the last 3D trend. Wherever you go, it looks like everything has been turn to 3D. At the Cinema theatres almost all movies are in 3D. But hey! Did you know that now YouTube supports 3D technology as well? Well, I think you may have missed this valuable piece of info, haven’t you? So, let’s see how to convert your YouTube videos in fantastic 3D Movies, for free and without any software!
The trick here is very simple. All we have to do is append a small code right after the videos you uploaded in order to let YouTube convert them to 3D movies! Here is the simple procedure:
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