Download Google Chrome 7 Beta Version Now!

Google has recently released the new Google Chrome 7 beta version as an anticipation of the next Google Chrome version. As usual this beta version is aimed to users who know “what they are doing”. Bugs, crashes, unexpected errors are just a few examples of what you might get from this unstable version, so caution is highly recommended. Let’s see together what improvements and enhancements this version has got for its users and where to download it.
Google Chrome 7 beta version features:

•Service and AppleScript support for Mac.
•Google Chrome Labs with vertical tab.
•Full hardware support for 2D and WebGL 3D graphics.
•New “about:labs” feature.
•Built-in support for Google Instant.
•Web apps are enabled by default. (Ready for the upcoming Google Chrome Store!)
•“Click to play” for plug-ins.
Google Chrome 7 beta version is available for download, directly at the at Google Chrome Beta Channel. Here are the official links to download it:
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New Samsung GALAXY Tab

Samsung has recently launched its new Internet tablet, GALAXY Tab which aims to become one of the noteworthy Apple iPad competitors. The launch was made some days ago, on September 2nd, to be exact at the IFA 2010 in Berlin, Germany. Samsung GALAXY has got a bunch of cool features which will make iPod owners feel quite envious, to say the least!
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Facebook has spent $10 million from its coffers to buy Chai Labs, a web publishing startup. This move appears to be one for the acquisition of talent instead of any specific products or services that the company provides. Officially, Chai Labs assists other companies develop websites that are both well targeted towards their own niche and search engine friendly.

Chai Labs was started by Gokul Rajaram, a former Google Adsense executive and it’s advisory board and investor list reads like a who’s who, consisting of the likes of Marc Andreessen, one of the cofounders of Netscape Communications, Joe Kraus of Google Ventures’ and Reid Hoffman, the LinkedIn chairman. Even its client list appears strong with Associated Content, NBC Local and the Travel Ad Network listed as some of their clients.

It’s not really clear how Facebook plans to use the information gained from the acquistion of Chai Labs, a company involved in “structured content extraction” as well as semantic search, but there’s 10 million good reasons why Facebook will find a way to benefit from this deal.


It’s confirmed that Google (GOOG) has bought out Jambool Inc., an online company that offers game developers a method to manage virtual currencies. Currently, Jambool offers “Social Gold” which is said to be the equivalent of Facebook Credits and by purchasing this company, Google is looking to beef up it’s own social networking capacities. In fact, there was some talk recently that Google was looking at developing their own Facebook competitor.

Although the terms of the deal have not been disclosed, it’s widely believed to be worth as much as $75 million, with $20 million offered in contingent payments. Jambool was started in 2006 by Vikas Gupta, the Chief Executive Officier and Reza Hussein, the Chief Technology Officer. Both founders left the online retail giant Amazon to start Jambool.

In a statement that Google put out, Jambool will help “evolve our payments offering and expand into digital goods and content.” Google has been busy lately, having purchased Slide Inc. and also investing in Zynga, the owners of FarmVille, an 80 million user Facebook game.

Ritz Carlton to open world’s tallest hotel in Hong Kong

HONG KONG: The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C has decided it wants to enter the record books. They plan to do so by opening the world’s tallest hotel. The city chosen to play host to this ambitious project is none other than Hong Kong.

The hotel will occupy the top stories (102 to 118) of the International Commerce Centre (ICC), Kowloon. A plush hotel, it will boast of 312 rooms including a lavish 365sqm Ritz-Carlton Suite.

Besides the guest rooms, the hotel is said to feature six dining venues and an alfresco rooftop bar. Like every luxury hotel this hotel too hopes to paper its guests with an 860sm spa christened the ESPA, a fully equipped fitness centre and an indoor pool on the 118th floor.

Offering scenic views of the Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island, this hotel will truly be the place to be when it is ready

Sure to attract visitors from across the globe, the hotel is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2011.

Barack Obama receives the Nobel peace prize in Oslo

In a rare public intervention, chairman and jury members insist no one had done more for peace in past year.

One judge noted with surprise that Barack Obama “didn’t look particularly happy” at being named the Nobel peace laureate. Another marvelled at how critics could be so patronising.




Ukrainian Hacker Story

The piracy prevention department at software maker Autodesk Inc. spends a lot of time on auction Web sites, looking for illegal sales of its products. One day two years ago, it began to notice that a vendor was offering an Autodesk $3,500 design program for $200 — over and over again.

Autodesk sounded the alarm, setting off an international investigation that led to the arrest of 26-year-old Ukrainian Maksym Kovalchuk, reputed to be one of the ring leaders of a worldwide software piracy and computer crime organization.
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