How to Fix Contacts Always Appear Offline on Windows Live Messenger 11 (WLM11)

Recently, a nasty bug is affecting Windows Live Messenger 11. Basically, after logging in WLM 11, all contacts will appear offline. Users trying to log out and log back in won’t solve the issue and all contacts will continue to be shows as offline. At the moment the cause is unknown but rumors on the Internet ascribe the issue to corrupted Windows Live Messenger files. What follows is the temporary fix to solve the issue, waiting for Microsoft to release the definitive patch.
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How to Uninstall Gamevance Textlinks

Lately a lot of users are trying to uninstall and remove a new Internet pestware called Gamevance textlinks. Basically, it is nothing else than mischievous game advertisements (ads) adware which, once clicked, will install a textlink plugin or extension on your browser. Next time you try to make an Internet search, Gamevance will bring up an advertisement associated with the keyword you are looking for. Useless to say, this causes a lot of annoyance to users which as a consequence will try to get rid of it. Sadly,there is not Gamevance text links removal tool available on the Internet. Furthermore, as soon as you uninstall or disable it, the pestware will come back thanks to a kind of re-installation automated process which is triggered when you re-open your favorite browser orturn on your Windows OS. At the time writing Gameavance is only affecting Firefox while no annoying issue have been reported with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Let’s see how to get rid of it, permanetly.
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The 10 greatest moments of Microsoft-Apple collaboration

The 10 greatest moments of Microsoft-Apple collaboration
For over two decades Microsoft and Apple have had the technology industry’s most high-profile (and occasionally the most rancorous) rivalry. But today, I doubt that either of them considers the other to be its chief rival.

If you could sequester either Apple CEO Steve Jobs or Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in their office and close the door and ask (off the record) for the name of their top rival, I suspect both of them would give you the same answer: Google.

For that reason alone, you’d think Microsoft and Apple would be more likely than ever to collaborate (and that’s certainly a possibility). However, it’s also easy to forget that the two companies have a long history of working together and developing products for each others’ platforms. They are traditional frenemies.

The fact that Microsoft released Office for Mac 2011 this week (more on that in a second) is only the latest example of times when the two have been on the same page. These are still the exception rather than the rule, but we’ve come up with a list of the 10 best collaborative moments between the two companies.

You can view this as a slideshow, or below in list form.
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How to fix “Windows Explorer has stopped working” in Windows 7

While trying to install/uninstall applications from Windows 7 by using the well-known Windows Installer, or even while trying to update the operating system by using Windows Update, the system could get stuck or crash causing Windows Explorer or even Windows Installer itself to give the user the following error messages: “Windows Explorer has stopped working” – “Windows Installer has stopped working”.
Windows 7, unable to find a proper solution to this issue, will go on with its messages, returning after a while with another dialog box containing this cryptic sentence: “Windows is checking for a solution to the problem…” followed by “Do you want to send more information about the problem?”. Here is the hack to fix this errors.
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How to Turn Off Automatic Hyperlinks in Microsoft Office Word

If you write a lot of documents with Office Word, you know that one of the most annoying things while writing a web address is that Word automatically hyperlinks it so that, if a reader clicks it, he will be able to open the website without copying and pasting the address on the browser. If you don’t like the hyperlinking feature, this small trick will show you how to turn off and disable the automatic hyperlink feature from Office Word.
First of all let me tell you that there is a quick trick to remove the hyperlink from a web address. Simply, highlighting the text then, right after that, press these two keys: CTRL+U. If instead you are looking for something “permanent” follow these easy steps:

Word 2007

1.Click the Office button located on the top-right side of the window.
2.Click the Word Options button.
3.On he left pane, click AutoCorrect Options.
4.Now, click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.
5.Under Replace as You Type, untick Internet and Network Paths with Hyperlinks.
6.Click OK.
If instead you still own the old Word 2003, follow this tutorial:
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Difference Between Size vs Size on Disk

Size vs Size on Disk

A lot of people have been confused when looking at the properties of a file, folder, or drive as the properties size and size on disk do not usually match each other. The value of size in the properties page indicates the actual size of the file while the size on disk indicates the number of bytes that it actually occupies on the hard drive
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How to disable and re-enable hibernation on a computer that is running Windows

How to disable and re-enable hibernation on a computer that is running Windows
This article describes how to disable and re-enable hibernation on a computer that is running Windows.

Warning You may lose data if you make hibernation unavailable when the hybrid sleep setting on the computer is turned on, and a power loss occurs. When you make hibernation unavailable, hybrid sleep does not work
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