How to to Increase PHP Memory Limit

When you saw an error reads “Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxx bytes exhausted” either in browser or server logs , that means PHP had exhausted the max memory limit. Mostly, this’s due to the insufficient memory allocated for the script. This article will teach how to increase the momory limit.

Check The Memory Limit

To see how much memory allocated for you php, you need create a file on your server (like view-php-info.php), and put following code in it:

< ?php phpinfo(); ?>

Visit it in your browser, you’ll see a table list all the config about current php environment. Search for “memory_limit”.

Also, you can also use this way to variety the memory limit change.
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Important URLS for Microsoft Online Services (Office 365)

Following are the important URLS for Microsoft Online Services. You can add them to your Favorites menu in Windows Internet Explorer to ensure that you have them when you need them.

Global URLs

The following global URLs provide access to the appropriate regional portals regardless of where you are located.

Administration Center
My Company Portal
Customer Portal
Partner Administration Center *
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A Hyperlink Loads a New Page Which Breaks Out of the Frame

In html the target=”_top” attribute/value pair is used to create a hyperlink that —when activated— loads a new page which breaks out of all framesets. The new page is thus loaded into the original full browser window.

Here’s an example of the source code used in this scenario: 

( represents the website you wish to load outside of your frameset and into the full original browser window.)

Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar because insulin production is inadequate.

Symptoms:There are following most common symptoms of Diabetes.

  • At the top it is unquenchable thirst, it could be a symptoms of Diabetes.
  • As the insulin is not working properly,your cells are not getting their energy, your body may react by trying to find more energy.You will become hungry.So it also increases your hunger.
  • You may feel fatigued due to dehydration from increased urination and your body’s inability to function properly.
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Smoking Facts

demerits of smoking

Smoking is very dangerous for your health. There are only disadvantages of smoking.Smoking facts are not really pleasant.Smoking causes cancer. What is often overlooked however  is the numbers of cancer that are caused as a direct result of smoking tobacco.When the cigarette smoke is inhaled, thousands of chemicals get into your bloodstream and travel throughout your body. These chemicals cause damage to different parts of the body.High blood pressure from smoking can damage the kidneys.Tobacco contains nicotine. Nicotine is very harmful drug for your health. When you smoke a cigarette, you are not taking only nicotine inside your body but you take thousands of other chemicals also. Continue reading…

Configure MATE Desktop for Fedora 18

MATE Desktop is an initial release for Fedora 18. It brings back a classic, intuitive, and easy to use desktop that users have been long requesting. Install MATE by issuing the command:

  yum groupinstall "MATE Desktop"

Support for MATE in Fedora is provided in #fedora-mate or #mate on or through the Fedora bugzilla.

Install GUI in Fedora 18 (Gnome or Cinnamon)

Fedora users now have the option of using Cinnamon, an advanced desktop environment based on GNOME3. Cinnamon takes advantage of advanced features provided by the GNOME backend while providing users with a more traditional, accessible desktop experience. Install Cinnamon with the command:

 yum groupinstall "Cinnamon Desktop"