Does Printing in Grayscale use Colored ink?

Many printers do use color inks to print in greyscale. Check your owners manual, it may say something about it. For example

The Canon Pixma IP5300’s manual states; “Printing in grayscale may use colour inks”.

And from HP’s website: “For black and white images and photos, a blend of colors called “composite black” may be used to achieve significantly better image quality and smoother gray tones than can be accomplished with black inks alone.”

I assume most all printer companies are this way. According to HP’s website, the quality is much better when colors are added to the black ink and also improves the printer reliability. HP mentioned that most of the printers give the user the option of turning off “composite black” and using only the black ink without the colors.
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Difference Between Black American and African American

‘Black American’ and ‘African American’ are generally terms used for referring to Americans with an African ancestry. However, there is often confusion as to which term should be used and which term may be distressing to people of color.

The term ‘African American’ or ‘Afro American’ is more popular nowadays than the term ‘Black American’. The term ‘Black American’ came into existence during the 1960s and ’70s, at the time of the Civil Rights Movement. It was the Black Movement that insisted on the use of black instead of negro. The term ‘African American’ or ‘Afro American’ became popular during the 1980s.
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