Difference between an iPad 2 and iPad 3

  • Check the screen. if you can see pixels, its an iPad 2. Also, when you pull up a keyboard on the iPad, if there is a little button on the bottom row that looks like a microphone, then it is the New iPad
    (iPad 3).
  • There is a microphone icon located at the bottom of the keyboard screen. This is ONLY true IF you have turned on dictation from the general settings section under keyboard. If it is turned on, you will see a microphone key on the bottom left of the keyboard next to the space bar.
  • iPad 3 offers 4G, while the iPad 2 has only 3G.

Difference Between MAPI and SMTP


When it comes to protocols to use with regards to email handling, there are a number available out there. Two of these protocols are SMTP and MAPI. The main difference between SMTP and MAPI is with what aspect of emails you can use them with. MAPI can be used for both sending and receiving emails as it has access to folders like the inbox and outbox. In contrast, SMTP is used exclusively for sending emails. In order to receive emails, you also need to use another protocol like POP or IMAP.
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Difference Between Black American and African American

‘Black American’ and ‘African American’ are generally terms used for referring to Americans with an African ancestry. However, there is often confusion as to which term should be used and which term may be distressing to people of color.

The term ‘African American’ or ‘Afro American’ is more popular nowadays than the term ‘Black American’. The term ‘Black American’ came into existence during the 1960s and ’70s, at the time of the Civil Rights Movement. It was the Black Movement that insisted on the use of black instead of negro. The term ‘African American’ or ‘Afro American’ became popular during the 1980s.
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Difference Between White and Green Ash

White Ash vs Green Ash

Ash wood is very much preferred by carpenters and craftsmen because of its flexibility, versatile properties and strength. One can come across various varieties of ash wood and the favourite ones are the white and green ash.

White ash is Fraxinus americana and green ash is Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marshall. Here let us discuss some of the differences between white and green ash.

One can easily distinguish green ash from white ash by just looking at the leaves. The green ash leaves are smaller than white ash leaves. The difference is noticeable in the leaf scars. The leaves of white ash leave a U- shaped scar where as the leaves of green ash leaves as D –shaped scar.
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Difference Between Alfalfa and Bean Sprouts

Alfalfa vs Bean Sprouts

Alfalfa and bean sprouts are vegetable fibers that contain proteins, vitamins and other nutrients needed for the body. Though alfalfa and bean sprouts are healthy foods, they differ in many aspects.

When talking of the difference between alfalfa and bean sprouts, the former ones have grass like appearance with small purple flowers whereas the bean sprouts are cream coloured with a white shoot.
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Difference Between Employees Provident Fund and Public Provident Fund

Provident funds in India are meant for providing individuals some kind of savings. The EPF or the Employees Provident Fund and the PPF or the Public Provident Fund are two such provident funds that are widely accepted in India. When talking of Employees Provident Fund, it is meant for salaried employees. On the other hand, Public Provident Fund is meant for every person such as the unemployed, employed, house wives and children. When compared to theEmployees Provident Fund, any individual can open Public Provident Fund accounts with any nationalised banks or the post office. But a person is entitled to Employees Provident Fund only if he is working. Now comparing the returns, the Employees Provident Fund gives out an increased interest rate. When the Employees Provident Fund gets a person 8.5 per cent, the Public Provident Fund only gives eight per cent interest rate. When looking at taking loans, a person can take loans from the Employees Provident Fund in case of marriage or building a house after producing documents. A person enrolled in Public Provident Fund can take loans up to 50 per cent of the amount of the fourth year from the sixth year onwards. The Employees Provident Fund can be closed if an employer changes job. An employer can even transfer his Employees Provident Fund account to the new company he is joining and continue it till his retirement. On the contrary, the maturity period of Public Provident Fund is 15 years. The period can be extended for another five years that can be further extended if one wants. When Employees Provident Fund is good when looking at the contribution side, the Public provident Fund is not good from the contribution side. Summary
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Difference Between Facebook and Studivz

Facebook vs Studivz

Facebook and StudiVZ are social networking sites that have wide popularity. Though these two are social networking sites, they are not the same in the features that they come with. Though StudiVZ is said to be almost similar to Facebook, they are very much different. People have heard more of Facebook than StudiVZ.

One of the most distingusihed differences is in the language used. In StudiVZ, all the features come in German language instead of English.
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