Save Google Books on Your Computer as PDF File

Google Books is most popular online book store for read many popular books online. Google Books provides us facility to read full text books in digital format. Not only Google Books you can also find many more online service providing books for online reading but Google Books is best in all. First Google Books known as Google Book Search and Google Print and provides users to read many types of books, magazines and documents for read them online without any cost. But now Google has announced the launch of its new service “Google Books”. With Google Books you can purchase and download more than 3 million free books from anywhere in the world using this service. You can read these download books on browser and your Android OS and iOS also. Or you can also read these books any other e-book reader using Adobe Digital Editions software.

If you have internet connection then no problem for access all Google Books online but if you want read them offline or no net connectivity area then you must download these books. So you need to download these Google Books on your system for further system. Google Books Downloader is a little and freeware software that allows you to save these books in PDF or JPEG format (note: it supports only the books marked as “full view”).
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Windows 7 ISO x86 and x64 Official Direct Download Links (Ultimate, Professional and Home Premium)

Many licenses of Windows 7 operating system is now been sold purely online, with the software product delivered entirely via Internet through electronic software distribution (ESD) channel. Customers can digitally download the Windows 7 installation files from online store from which they purchased Windows 7 to clean install on blank PC or upgrade existing installed OS.
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How to Download and Install New Templates on Office 2010

How to Download and Install New Templates on Office 2010
While working on a document you might need to download a new, fresh template such as a agenda, a business card, a diagram, an envelope template, a calendar etc. This tutorial will show you the fastest way to download and install new template. It will also show you template location on Windows Office 2010 in Windows 7. In fact, by default, Office 2010 comes with a bundle of template you can use right away for your works as they comes for free!
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How to Play HD Videos on Google Chrome by Default

As you know YouTube allows you to play HD videos on any browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Despite this, sometimes browsers don’t manage to detect the best video quality available thus forcing you to watch a video in low resolution. This nice extension will help you solve this issue. In fact, it will force your Google Chrome browser to play all YouTube videos in HD (if it is possible) or with any available quality you like.

Auto HD for YouTube is an excellent, easy to use extension for Google Chrome which will let you play the highest video resolution (HD) on any YouTube video, by default! The way it works is rather simple. Download the extension and install it on your Google Chrome browser. Right after that:

Open the extension setting page and select the preferred quality, secondary quality and fallback quality resolution YouTube videos will be played at (max is 720p).
Click Save button.

Download Google Chrome 7 Beta Version Now!

Google has recently released the new Google Chrome 7 beta version as an anticipation of the next Google Chrome version. As usual this beta version is aimed to users who know “what they are doing”. Bugs, crashes, unexpected errors are just a few examples of what you might get from this unstable version, so caution is highly recommended. Let’s see together what improvements and enhancements this version has got for its users and where to download it.
Google Chrome 7 beta version features:

•Service and AppleScript support for Mac.
•Google Chrome Labs with vertical tab.
•Full hardware support for 2D and WebGL 3D graphics.
•New “about:labs” feature.
•Built-in support for Google Instant.
•Web apps are enabled by default. (Ready for the upcoming Google Chrome Store!)
•“Click to play” for plug-ins.
Google Chrome 7 beta version is available for download, directly at the at Google Chrome Beta Channel. Here are the official links to download it:
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