FileFille – How to Create Fake Files

But who on earth is interested in creating a fake file and what is a fake file? A fake, dummy file is a big file which contains…nothing. Users who want to make a fake file usually want to make a joke or want to test an Internet connection speed by uploading a large file or want to slow a computer down by clogging it with gigabytes and gigabytes of fake space.

FileFiller is a free tool which creates fake files, dummy files of any size. FileFiller create files which contain zeros or characters, whose ordinal value can be specified. “The program supports FAT12/16/32 and NTFS filesystems, the files created in a FAT-formatted volume can be as big as 4GB, and for NTFS up to 80 GB”. It works in a simple way. Choose the file destination path or folder, select the data type which will be used to fill in the fake file: NULL(empty), ASCII ordinary value or random data. Now Enter how big you want the file and you are done! FileFiller will start creating a file in a few minutes!
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Difference Between Size vs Size on Disk

Size vs Size on Disk

A lot of people have been confused when looking at the properties of a file, folder, or drive as the properties size and size on disk do not usually match each other. The value of size in the properties page indicates the actual size of the file while the size on disk indicates the number of bytes that it actually occupies on the hard drive
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