Save Google Books on Your Computer as PDF File

Google Books is most popular online book store for read many popular books online. Google Books provides us facility to read full text books in digital format. Not only Google Books you can also find many more online service providing books for online reading but Google Books is best in all. First Google Books known as Google Book Search and Google Print and provides users to read many types of books, magazines and documents for read them online without any cost. But now Google has announced the launch of its new service “Google Books”. With Google Books you can purchase and download more than 3 million free books from anywhere in the world using this service. You can read these download books on browser and your Android OS and iOS also. Or you can also read these books any other e-book reader using Adobe Digital Editions software.

If you have internet connection then no problem for access all Google Books online but if you want read them offline or no net connectivity area then you must download these books. So you need to download these Google Books on your system for further system. Google Books Downloader is a little and freeware software that allows you to save these books in PDF or JPEG format (note: it supports only the books marked as “full view”).
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Google: Just 10 Per Cent Please!

Just when its rival Apple has been receiving harsh criticism for demanding a hefty 30 per cent commission from content producers offering payable content, Google has pushed a thorn into its side. Google recently announced that it will ask for the comparatively small amount of just 10 per cent for content sold via its One Pass system.

One Pass will be launched first in the UK, France, Canada, Germany, Spain and Italy and will be compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones. Publishers will have the freedom to customise how and when to charge a fee for their content.

Google’s Blogspot: Banned!

Approximately 600,000 Blogspot users in Turkey have been left high and dry because their country has imposed a ban on this popular site. This is primarily because Turkish Super League football matches have been streamed and shown on the site for free and this is just not acceptable to some companies, especially Digiturk, a satellite TV company.

It has filed a copyright violation complaint in the Turkish courts saying that the matches that it broadcasts have been appearing on the site. As a result, Google’s Blogger/Blogspot has been blocked in its entirety.

The Best Google Tips

Google is the best search engine available on the Internet. Period. That’s why it is important to know how to master it with this Google tricks section! When Internet started becoming famous the only search engine available was Yahoo! Since then many things have changed, and competition has got tougher and tougher. Nowadays Google is in a prominent position and everybody uses it to search whatever available on the web. Millions of people use its powerful engine everyday, and millions of keywords are used to search. From web pages to blogs, from people sensitive information to website backdoors that only too often are used to hack, steal and damage companies, people and websites. These are just a few examples of the power Google owns and the way it can be used. But if you think to know everything about it well, think twice. As a matter of fact, Google is not just useful to make searches. In fact it can be used and “manipulated” with cool tips in ways that you can not even image, and that could solve many of your everyday problems. This is the goal of this guide: let you look at Google with different eyes and use its power in new ways. I bet that when you will have finished reading, you will consider Google as your best Internet friend, able to help you more than you would have thought.

Did you know that you can use Google for…
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How to Turn On/Off Autofill Feature in YouTube

YouTube has got a great autocomplete feature. Basically, it will autofill what you are typing on the YouTube Search field. Of course, you can turn on or off autofill at your pleasure in case you don’t like it (since it might be unwanted and annoying in some cases) or, alternatively, if you think that it may be useful since it helps you find what you are looking for (in case you don’t remember the name of that video-clip, for example). However, as you might have noticed, it is not very easy to spot the right settings. This tutorial will show you how to tweak the autocomplete option to your likes.

First of all let me tell you that such autocomplete feature is always turned on by default. If you can not use it, it only means that you or somebody else messed with YouTube options. The feature shows what you are searching or your past searches. In order to switch it on and off, follow this steps:
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How to Export Google Chrome History

As you know, Google Chrome is a rather minimalist and bare-bone browser. For example, if you want to export and backup Chrome history to a txt or html file, you have to know that there is no easy way to achieve this result as there is not option for this. I have browsed the Internet rather extensively and, apart from a difficult trick available on Google Suport Forum which involves the use of a software called SQlite, the situation is quite hopeless! There are different reasons why a user would need the Internet history available on the Google browser. The first one is that such a user needs to put this data on a USB flash drive and use it on another computer or on another Google Chrome. Other times instead, the need to have a history log containing the past searches is more practical. In fact, the same user would like to see what kind of websites and blogs he surfed on a tidy list, an office document (to make comparisons, for example) or on a more ordered way. So, it is a pity that the Google Chrome Team didn’t add such a wonderful feature which , I am more then sure, would make a lot of “Chromers” a lot happier. On my side, I have found out a couple of solutions which might be on some interest to the casual user.
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Is Google Chrome spying all of us?

So, Google Chrome is here. It is fast, minimalist and nice but, without you knowing, could hide something suspicious. As a matter of fact, lately in the Internet there has been a piece of news, that if true, could change the way you look at Chrome forever. An italian blog has recently tested Chrome by using a program called SilkPerformer. During such a test a web address was typed in Chrome. At this point the program started recording a weird activity. A lot of requests were sent through the Internet, from Chrome to this address: Such requests were sent without the user pressing Enter! For many people such an activity reminds the one which has to do with keyloggers! Keyloggers are malicious programs which record everything you type on your keyboard in order to save precious information about your privacy. Another thing I am curious about is this: is all this data sent through the Web in an encrypted mode or it is visible to everybody? Furthermore, it looks like Chrome sends infos about what you type to Yahoo. com and which are two famous search engines…but nothing is sent to Live Search. This is very weird to say the least, since Live Search is owned by Microsoft and doesn’t have any commercial agreement with Google. Waiting for Google to clarify these points…sorry guys to spoil all the excitements about the new G software.
YES, GOOGLE IS SPYING EVERYONE ! That’s how they have a stock priced $500 on NYSE ! They spy everyone and they want to totally spy everyone through their dumb browser which sends everything you do to them. I guess Google is even worst than Microsoft.
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