How to Make Google Chrome Browser Faster (DNS Issue)

Google Chrome is one of the fastest browser ever. It implements new technologies in order to serve you web pages in the quickest way possible. However, some of these technology may not work for everybody with the annoying result to have a slow, very slow surfing experience accompanied by some weird error messages. Let’s see how to solve this issue and make Google Chrome faster!

The DNS pre-fetching technology aims to improve the way web pages are loaded. However, such a feature seems not to work properly for a lot of users with the result that your Google Chrome will hang while downloading a website, returning you with this message: “Resolving Host”. Other times instead you may get a error message like this:
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The 10 greatest moments of Microsoft-Apple collaboration

The 10 greatest moments of Microsoft-Apple collaboration
For over two decades Microsoft and Apple have had the technology industry’s most high-profile (and occasionally the most rancorous) rivalry. But today, I doubt that either of them considers the other to be its chief rival.

If you could sequester either Apple CEO Steve Jobs or Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in their office and close the door and ask (off the record) for the name of their top rival, I suspect both of them would give you the same answer: Google.

For that reason alone, you’d think Microsoft and Apple would be more likely than ever to collaborate (and that’s certainly a possibility). However, it’s also easy to forget that the two companies have a long history of working together and developing products for each others’ platforms. They are traditional frenemies.

The fact that Microsoft released Office for Mac 2011 this week (more on that in a second) is only the latest example of times when the two have been on the same page. These are still the exception rather than the rule, but we’ve come up with a list of the 10 best collaborative moments between the two companies.

You can view this as a slideshow, or below in list form.
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Download Google Chrome 7 Beta Version Now!

Google has recently released the new Google Chrome 7 beta version as an anticipation of the next Google Chrome version. As usual this beta version is aimed to users who know “what they are doing”. Bugs, crashes, unexpected errors are just a few examples of what you might get from this unstable version, so caution is highly recommended. Let’s see together what improvements and enhancements this version has got for its users and where to download it.
Google Chrome 7 beta version features:

•Service and AppleScript support for Mac.
•Google Chrome Labs with vertical tab.
•Full hardware support for 2D and WebGL 3D graphics.
•New “about:labs” feature.
•Built-in support for Google Instant.
•Web apps are enabled by default. (Ready for the upcoming Google Chrome Store!)
•“Click to play” for plug-ins.
Google Chrome 7 beta version is available for download, directly at the at Google Chrome Beta Channel. Here are the official links to download it:
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How to Report a Gmail Error

Like everything else on this world, even Google is not perfect. Errors, bugs and other issues affect the most famous and popular Google applications, leaving their users at loss at what to do. Well, the best thing to do is to report the error right away so that the Google Team will be able to fix it. Did you know that Gmail has got, nested among its features, a special page which lets you report errors and other issues, directly to Google Team?
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It’s confirmed that Google (GOOG) has bought out Jambool Inc., an online company that offers game developers a method to manage virtual currencies. Currently, Jambool offers “Social Gold” which is said to be the equivalent of Facebook Credits and by purchasing this company, Google is looking to beef up it’s own social networking capacities. In fact, there was some talk recently that Google was looking at developing their own Facebook competitor.

Although the terms of the deal have not been disclosed, it’s widely believed to be worth as much as $75 million, with $20 million offered in contingent payments. Jambool was started in 2006 by Vikas Gupta, the Chief Executive Officier and Reza Hussein, the Chief Technology Officer. Both founders left the online retail giant Amazon to start Jambool.

In a statement that Google put out, Jambool will help “evolve our payments offering and expand into digital goods and content.” Google has been busy lately, having purchased Slide Inc. and also investing in Zynga, the owners of FarmVille, an 80 million user Facebook game.