Configure MATE Desktop for Fedora 18

MATE Desktop is an initial release for Fedora 18. It brings back a classic, intuitive, and easy to use desktop that users have been long requesting. Install MATE by issuing the command:

  yum groupinstall "MATE Desktop"

Support for MATE in Fedora is provided in #fedora-mate or #mate on or through the Fedora bugzilla.

Install GUI in Fedora 18 (Gnome or Cinnamon)

Fedora users now have the option of using Cinnamon, an advanced desktop environment based on GNOME3. Cinnamon takes advantage of advanced features provided by the GNOME backend while providing users with a more traditional, accessible desktop experience. Install Cinnamon with the command:

 yum groupinstall "Cinnamon Desktop"

Netatalk AFP over Linux Installation & Configuration for Redhat Linux

Netatalk website

Download Netatalk 2.2.3 from their website copy it to /tmp
Decompress and untar the source code with the following commands

gzip netatalk filename

tar -xvf netatalk filename

Install all ‘Development Tools’ group packages, enter:
# yum groupinstall “Development Tools”

install Berkeley DB get from oracle

copy it to /tmp and extract
go to .tmp/db folder
make install

it will install the Berkeley DB in /usr/local/
go back to netatalk folder in /tmp/netatalk2.2.3

./configure –with-init-style=redhat-sysv –with-bdb=/path/to/bdb/installation/
make install
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