How to Use Mac OS X Mail Search Operators

How to use search operators to limit search results in Mac OS X Mail:

  • Press Command-Alt-F in Mac OS X Mail’s main window.
  • Type the desired search terms, using the following operators if needed:
  • from: find email senders, use quotation marks to specify names,see below for examples.
  • to: find email recipients.
  • date: find emails by date.
  • subject: find email subjects.

You can combine search operators (from: date:yesterday, for instance), but you cannot combine them using “OR” and “NOT”. For this, and more advanced searches, you can use Spotlight.

Use Mac OS X Mail Search Operators to Find Mail in Spotlight
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The Best Google Tips

Google is the best search engine available on the Internet. Period. That’s why it is important to know how to master it with this Google tricks section! When Internet started becoming famous the only search engine available was Yahoo! Since then many things have changed, and competition has got tougher and tougher. Nowadays Google is in a prominent position and everybody uses it to search whatever available on the web. Millions of people use its powerful engine everyday, and millions of keywords are used to search. From web pages to blogs, from people sensitive information to website backdoors that only too often are used to hack, steal and damage companies, people and websites. These are just a few examples of the power Google owns and the way it can be used. But if you think to know everything about it well, think twice. As a matter of fact, Google is not just useful to make searches. In fact it can be used and “manipulated” with cool tips in ways that you can not even image, and that could solve many of your everyday problems. This is the goal of this guide: let you look at Google with different eyes and use its power in new ways. I bet that when you will have finished reading, you will consider Google as your best Internet friend, able to help you more than you would have thought.

Did you know that you can use Google for…
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