Download Turn Off the Lights Addon for Firefox

Has it ever happened to you to watch a YouTube video and be bothered by your computer lights? Have you ever wished to “turn off the lights“, thanks to a Firefox addon for example, and be able to focus your attention on the video you are watching? Other times instead you might have wished to dim your video light in order to rest your eyes! Whatever the reason, I have found the right solution for you! A nice Firefox extension will help you achieve one of the most relaxing goals while watching a video on the Internet. Getting soft light on your PC!
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How to Play HD Videos on Google Chrome by Default

As you know YouTube allows you to play HD videos on any browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Despite this, sometimes browsers don’t manage to detect the best video quality available thus forcing you to watch a video in low resolution. This nice extension will help you solve this issue. In fact, it will force your Google Chrome browser to play all YouTube videos in HD (if it is possible) or with any available quality you like.

Auto HD for YouTube is an excellent, easy to use extension for Google Chrome which will let you play the highest video resolution (HD) on any YouTube video, by default! The way it works is rather simple. Download the extension and install it on your Google Chrome browser. Right after that:

Open the extension setting page and select the preferred quality, secondary quality and fallback quality resolution YouTube videos will be played at (max is 720p).
Click Save button.

Video Training Cisco Networking Academy Program – CCNP

Cisco Networking Academy Program ? CCNP [Dark Demon] | 524 MB
Genre: eLearning

The Cisco CCNP curriculum includes four modules, which align with the four exams required for CCNP certification. The CCNP curriculum builds on Cisco CCNA courses with more complex network configurations, diagnosis, and troubleshooting. The curriculum is intended for those interested in continuing their post-CCNA preparation to become network administrators, Level 2 support engineers, Level 2 systems engineers, network technicians, or deployment engineers. Students interested in this course should have completed CCNA 1-4, or the equivalents. CCNA certification is also desirable; however, it is not a prerequisite. The new CCNP courses can be taken in any order. However it is recommended that students take Building Multilayer Switched Networks before taking Optimizing Converged Networks. The four courses include: Building Scalable Internetworks, Implementing Secured Converged Wide-area Networks, Building Multilayer Switched Networks, and Optimizing Converged Networks.
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