YouTube Full screen mode goes to white screen with no Picture

If on video where at full screen button, it takes to a full screen but with sound only and the screen is 100% completely white with no picture.
To Fix This issue just need to disable hardware video acceleration by right clicking onto the flash (Adobe Flash Player) content then select settings. This happens when the computer doesn’t support hardware acceleration.

How to Play HD Videos on Google Chrome by Default

As you know YouTube allows you to play HD videos on any browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Despite this, sometimes browsers don’t manage to detect the best video quality available thus forcing you to watch a video in low resolution. This nice extension will help you solve this issue. In fact, it will force your Google Chrome browser to play all YouTube videos in HD (if it is possible) or with any available quality you like.

Auto HD for YouTube is an excellent, easy to use extension for Google Chrome which will let you play the highest video resolution (HD) on any YouTube video, by default! The way it works is rather simple. Download the extension and install it on your Google Chrome browser. Right after that:

Open the extension setting page and select the preferred quality, secondary quality and fallback quality resolution YouTube videos will be played at (max is 720p).
Click Save button.

How to Convert Ordinary YouTube Videos to 3D Videos

So, maybe you have heard of the last 3D trend. Wherever you go, it looks like everything has been turn to 3D. At the Cinema theatres almost all movies are in 3D. But hey! Did you know that now YouTube supports 3D technology as well? Well, I think you may have missed this valuable piece of info, haven’t you? So, let’s see how to convert your YouTube videos in fantastic 3D Movies, for free and without any software!
The trick here is very simple. All we have to do is append a small code right after the videos you uploaded in order to let YouTube convert them to 3D movies! Here is the simple procedure:
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How to improve YouTube video quality

If you have tried YouTube at least once, you know how disappointing it is to watch a video sometimes. No matter what people upload, YouTube automatically re-sizes any format such WMV, AVI, MOV and MPG into a more handy 320 x 240 pixels, encodes the video into Flash at a data rate of about 250kbps, and converts the audio into MP3 (22.050KHz monophonic). This means that a barely acceptable video, becomes crappy on YouTube. Anyway there is a little trick, which is unknown to most people, which lets you improve the video quality, letting you enjoy YouTube even more. As you know a video on YouTube gets an address like this: This is the address YouTube gives to its videos after being resized. If you add the address this little code &fmt=6 (changing in this way the address into: you will be able to enjoy the same video at a resolution of 448 x336 pixels. You can get even more (but you need a very fast Internet connection) by adding this code instead: &fmt=18 (changing the address into: In this way YouTube will deliver you the same video but in a MP4 format (H264 with AAC audio), encoded at 480×360 resolution. Keep in mind that this trick doesn’t work for all Youtube videos.